Paddy Platypus:
This One’s For You

By Susan McCray

Children's Book about the Challenge of Being Different

Illustrations by David Calabrese
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Paddy Platypus - The story of Paddy Platypus encourages the acceptance of others, the significance of self-confidence in order to achieve goals we set for ourselves, and the importance of having positive self-esteem. Recognizing everyone is different and those differences make us special in our own way.


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    About The Author

    Susan McCray is the author of Paddy Platypus, her second book for children. She is also author of Harry’s Piano based on the young life of her father, Academy Award Winning Composer Harry Sukman.

    Susan is an award-winning Casting Director. As Vice President of Talent for Michael Landon she cast such acclaimed television shows as Little House on the Prairie, Father Murphy, Highway to Heaven and television movies as Diary of Anne Frank, Loneliest Runner and Where Pigeons Go to Die and two special Bonanza movies.

    As head of the McCray company, Ten-K Productions, Susan has produced the highly acclaimed documentaries: Michael Landon: Memories of Laughter and Love; Remembering Kent McCray: Laughter Love and Television; and Don Collier: Confessions of an Acting Cowboy.

    Susan is also a radio producer and host of Kaleidoscope with Susan McCray on podcast at, on internet station, and on KJEWL in San Luis Obispo, CA. She also hosts a syndicated radio feature Hollywood Hotline.

    Susan is a newly named “advocate": for KidsPlay Children’s Museum in Torrington, CT where the Susan McCray Emporium will soon be dedicated displaying over 80 of Susan’s collectible bears and other children’s memorabilia.

    Susan will be signing her book at Kids Play Children’s Museum in Torrington, CT the first week in July 2023, Details will be announced.